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Our Terraces

You might want to savour the moment alone with your first morning coffee watching birds swooping below you or enjoy the moment in company over a bottle of local wine as you watch the magnificent sunset. Or maybe you prefer to finish your evening on the terrace with a cocktail, looking out at all the twinkling lights on the coast..Whatever you do, it is a view and an experience you will never forget. The terraces are the perfect place to unwind, relax, dream a little and let us look after you.

Breakfast Menu

  • Classic Medina Campo Breakfast

    local fresh country bread lightly toasted and served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomato and garlic puree or butter and Jam

  • La Vista de Medina Breakfast

    as above but also accompanied with a plate of the local goats cheese and thinly sliced Serrano Ham

  • Fluffy Amercian Breakfast Pancakes

    Pancakes served with warm fresh fruit, local honey and chocolate sauce

  • Creamy Greek Yogurt

    Natural Greek yogurt over seasonal fresh fruit, topped with museli and local honey

  • Scrambled Egg

    Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon

  • Omelettes freshly prepared

    Classic French with Fresh Parsley - Tomato and Basil - Mushroom - Ham and Cheese - Sweet Chorizo - Mushroom - Ham and Cheese

  • Tea

  • Fresh Orange Juice

  • Coffee


Fluffy Pancakes

  • La Vista de Medina
    • Plaza de la Iglesia Mayor No.2, 11170 - Medina Sidonia - Cádiz
    • T: 956 410 069 M: 690 626 360 (WhatsApp)
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